Ornela Bardhi

Ornela at the IEEE International Symposium 2017

Dominic O'Connor

Dominic presenting in the IEEE CBMS Conference 2018

Francisco Guerra

Francisco presenting in the IEEE CBMS Conference 2018

Gabriel Signorelli and Louise Brenna

Poster presentation by Gabriel and Louise


Dominic O'Connor speaking at the TEDxUCD 2018

Juan Penas and Francisco Guerra

CATCH workshop in Seville in 2017

Mercè Bonjorn Dalmau

Mercè presenting a poster in Dublin 2017.

CATCH Early Stage Researcher wins 'Best Oral Presentation' Award at European Lifestyle Medicine Congress

April 9, 2019

In November 2018, CATCH ESR Gabriel Signorelli was awarded the Best Oral Presentation at the European Lifestyle Medicine Congress in Geneva, Switzerland. This was the first year of the congress which supports research into the effects of lifestyle on health.


Gabriel’s presentation drew on his research as an Early Stage Researcher on the CATCH programme. He presented data and analysis from a physical activity program focused on breast cancer survivors called ‘VidaON.’ The VidaON program involves group activities such as Nordic Walking and Deep Water Running for breast cancer survivors, and is organised in cooperation with the University of Seville, Spain. His presentation indicated evidence that adherence to physical activity recommendations could be the most important lifestyle behaviour associated with lower mortality and a higher quality of life in cancer survivors. Gabriel’s CATCH supervisors are Prof. Brian Caulfield (University College Dublin, Ireland), Dr Maria Valero-Arbizu (Oncoavanze, Spain), Dr Matilde Mora (Oncoavanze, Spain) and Dr Pedro Valero-Jimenez (Oncoavanze, Spain). The recognition of Gabriel’s work by the European Lifestyle Medicine Congress is testament to his dedication to his research as part of CATCH.

Gabriel Signorelli
Best Oral Presentation Award
CATCH Early Stage Researcher receives prestigious honour at the Albanian Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Awards 2018

May 16, 2018

The Albanian ICT Awards 2018 is the sixth such event organized by ICTSmedia. The purpose of this national competition is to showcase the achievements of Albanians in the field of ICT. These awards identify and promote the most distinguished individuals and technology business leaders of the past year.

CATCH Early Stage Researcher Ornela Bardhi’s commitment to the advancement of ICT technology in the field of cancer care and rehabilitation was deservedly recognised by the Albanian ICT Awards Committee. Ornela was nominated alongside many other female ICT specialist in the category of ‘Woman in Tech,’ and was awarded the second place prize at the awards ceremony in Tirana, Albania on 27th April.

Ornela has both vast and varied experience of working in the field of ICT. With two MSc degrees to her name, and as a keen entrepreneur, Ornela has an evident passion for advancing technology solutions which improve the lives of the people they are used by. Ornela has been working as part of a team of eight Early Stage Researcher on the CATCH programme for the past two years, pursuing her PhD degree. Her commitment to developing insights into patient care pathways in cancer treatment has been at the centre of her PhD research. Ornela is hosted by the University of Deusto and her supervisory panel consists of Dr Begonya Garcia Zapirain (University of Deusto), Dr Roberto Nuno Solinis (University of Deusto), Ms Ailish Daly (Beacon Hospital) and Prof Brian Caulfield (University College Dublin). It is undoubtable that such prestigious recognition will continue throughout Ornela’s research career.